COVID-19 Global Pandemic Lessons Learned for Data Governance or Data Strategy Programs

The global pandemic has created many new challenges for organizations and data governance leaders (including CDO’s).  Most data leaders understand a high percentage of data related issues are due to internal causes (processes and people).  With so many companies moving towards working remote and the need for digital transformation there are now additional challenges related to governing data.   Here are a few lessons from the current global pandemic to consider for your data governance or data programs.
1.  Reactive vs Proactive.  Investments in being prepared is vitally important.  The ability to react is also important, but having a plan and strategy in advance can potentially save money and/or save your company.  The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to be data driven on the fly.  Having a plan or digital transformation strategy up front can ensure a greater chance of survival and success moving forward.
2.  Enterprise vs local data governance.  During the pandemic there were shortages of ventilators across the United States which resulted in bidding wars.  States requested the federal government to have a national stockpile and to manage distribution to reduce the conflict.  Data management challenges can be similar.  An Enterprise Data Governance program to focus on the needs of all stakeholders for the benefit of the company as a whole is beneficial.  Local data governance programs can sometimes result in sub-optimization, resulting in organizational conflict.  
3.  Measurements.  One of the biggest issues with the COVID-19 pandemic has been related to testing for better understanding of the virus and what action to take.  Testing issues include testing for COVID, as well as testing for the anti-bodies.  Measurements are also critical for data programs.  Metrics allow data leaders to understand what is happening in the data environment.  Ensuring the right measures are in place to drive the right behaviors are also important.   
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